Some WordPress Gallery Features You Might Not Know About

The other day, I was playing around with the WordPress [

] shortcode, and came across the need to exclude an image that was attached to the page. The image I needed to exclude was kind of like a featured image, and I didn’t want it to appear again in the gallery itself. So, I searched for information about excluding images from the WordPress [

] shortcode, and came across the related WordPress Codex article.

While reading that article, I noticed a handful of features I’d never known about in that particular shortcode. After all, I always basically assumed that the options WordPress gives you when inserting a gallery were probably the only options that were available.

WordPress Post Thumbnails

Although there was initially a lot of fanfare over the new “thumbnail” features that were added to WordPress when version 2.9 was released, the documentation for the various functions related to post thumbnails is still severely lacking. In this article, I hope to shed a little light on the subject, as far as I can understand it.┬áThere are four new functions related to post thumbnails. Following are some short explanations about what the functions do and how to use them.

Friendfeed Gets an Update

Friendfeed, which is regarded by many as a dead network since its acquisition by Facebook, was updated to get a new feature this evening. A while ago, Paul Buchheit mentioned that there were still a handful of features and fixes he wanted to make on the struggling social network, and this is the first evidence we’ve seen of that.

Gmail Adds New Features

gmail-logoThe Gmail team has been busy working on new features for the Web-based e-mail service. Over the last two days, two major new features have been added.

First of all, a feature to mark part of a conversation unread has been added to the “labs” (the beta test version of Gmail). This new feature will allow you to read a portion of an e-mail thread, then mark all newer messages as unread. I still wish it was possible to mark specific messages within a thread as unread (you can do so when using a desktop e-mail client with Gmail’s IMAP interface, but you can’t do so through the Web interface of Gmail).

The second new feature, which is available to all Gmail users, is the ability to merge duplicate contacts. If you have multiple contacts set up for the same person, you can click a single button and have Gmail attempt to automatically identify all of those duplicates and merge them where appropriate. Maybe you set up a different contact for each e-mail address or phone number the person has; or maybe you set up an e-mail contact through Gmail and a phone contact through Google Voice. With the new feature, you can easily merge them without having to edit each individual contact.