HTML & Javascript for Visual Learners

“HTML & Javascript for Visual Learners” published by Visibooks is a basic HTML course in a workbook. This workbook will teach you the basics of real HTML coding. This book does not show you how to use WYSIWYG applications such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. All of the examples in the book are demonstrated using Notepad. The language used in each section is clear, concise, and fully understandable. The font is larger than standard books which helps when trying to understand technical information.

HTML & Javascript for Visual Learners

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The introduction of the book explains what you will learn, and how you will learn it. Their teaching method is stated on the front of the book, “See. Do. Learn.” They point out that while you will not become an expert after reading this book (that could take years), you will build a strong foundation of the basics. The book has five sections: HTML Basics, Layout and Navigation, Interactivity, Advanced Layout and Practical Javascript.

HTML Basics covers how to format pages and text, creating links including e-mail links, inserting and aligning graphics, structuring basic navigation systems, and changing page and link colors (body tag).

The Layout and Navigation section includes table structures, creating navigation bars, adding subsections with menu links and pages, how to create embedded tables (tables within tables) and linking using frames.

META tags, form creation, style sheets and how to upload your new site to a web server are covered in the Interactivity section.

Pages 141-152 make up the Advanced Layout section. Included are how to implement background graphics, utilize spacer gifs, and working with page margins.

The final section in the book discusses Practical Javascript. Covered items include rollover graphic creation, opening new windows, and validating form input. I think this is a must read section. Validating form input is critical when creating forms.

To summarize, this book is designed for the web beginner. Each section shows (155 screenshots!) examples and includes practice and quizzes. Each section has downloadable source code which can be modified. I recommend this book for any beginner wanting to gain a solid foundation in HTML development.

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For beginners


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A great learning tool for HTML beginners.

Could use more depth in the style sheet area.

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This book is a worthwhile purchase for newbies in the HTML arena.