Microsoft Releases IE8 Comparison Chart

I nearly lost my lunch when I saw the chart below. It’s a comparison chart between Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), Firefox and Chrome. I should note that I am an IE user – I run different things in IE and Firefox.

Microsoft took an internal comparison look at the following categories: security, privacy, ease of use, web standards, developer tools, reliability, customizability, compatibility, manageability and performance.

I am using IE7 so I can’t comment on how good or bad IE8 is but it’s a bit odd that a company would show a chart that makes their browser look amazingly better than the competition. IE8 wins or ties in every category and some of the comments seem like an agency was involved. Here are a couple of examples, “Of course Internet Explorer 8 wins this one” and “Neither Firefox nor Chrome provide guidance or enterprise tools. That’s just not nice.” Is there really not one area that Firefox or Chrome is better than IE8? (I have no idea so someone educate me plz)

My advice to Microsoft is to just sell us on why IE8 is great – don’t worry about comparisons – we will take care of those as users.

It looks like Microsoft is trying to come across as cutsie but it just didn’t work for me. Did it work for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

How To Remove Hover Text on Bing

The new Bing search engine shows text excerpts when you mouse over search results. Frankly it can be troublesome and many publishers will want to remove this option. If you would like to remove the hover text within bing, you need to add the following META tag to your head area on any/all pages you want the hover text removed for.

<meta name=”robots” content=”nopreview”>

WordPress 2.8 Beta Released

WordPress has announced the first beta release of the 2.8 version of the popular blogging software. Check out my post on InformationWeek for more and the full list of changes/updates from WordPress 2.7 to 2.8.

I am looking forward to the tag description field as it helps with search engine optimization and was something I utilized when my sites were using Drupal. What I’d like to see WordPress add is a dashboard that allows for multiple blog administration. While there is the MU version of WordPress, there would still be a benefit for allowing multiple blogs to be administered together or to switch between sites from one admin interface.

Remember that beta software is buggy so proceed with caution.

The iPhone – My Review

A few days ago, I got an iPhone from work. I have played with it a bit, and have to say that I’m impressed for the most part. However, there are still quite a few issues that I would love to see solved. Following is a list of the pros and cons of this gadget, as I see it.

Adobe Flex Builder 3 Pro Free To Unemployed Developers

Adobe has announced that if you are an unemployed developer, you can download Flex Builder 3 Professional for free. Check out the details here – note that this is not for commercial purposes, just for learning.

You must also agree to the following terms:
1) I am not currently employed or being paid to develop software applications or web pages
2) Adobe Flex Builder 3 Software I receive under this program is for my personal use to learn about Adobe Flex and improve my skills
3) My license to use Flex Builder 3 under this program will not be used for production or commercial purposes, nor will it be transferred to any other person or entity, including to my employer should I become employed.

What a smart idea by Adobe – developers who are on the bench can learn a new tool and then can bring the tool to their next employer and push them to buy the commercial version. Everyone wins – I like the idea.

Check Your PHP Code For Vulnerability

I’ve been meaning to review some of my older PHP code for security vulnerabilities for a while, but never really got around to it. This afternoon, I started searching for some tools I might be able to use to do that for me. I came across the Spike PHP Security Audit Tool, and was actually fairly impressed with it.

In order to run it, I believe you need to have the PHP command-line interface installed. However, as long as you’ve got that, all you need to do is upload the package and type a simple command. It will take a while, but when it’s done, the script generates a nice HTML report showing all of the vulnerabilities it detected.