Interesting birthdays on the forums today

Two people have birthdays today on the forums… when you put their screennames together, it resembles a famous person.

Is IE browser domination over?

So I had a look at the browser stats for for the last week. Interesting results were found…

Larry Mondry???

Over the past 3-4 years, I get mail at the Post Office box for Larry Mondry. It shows him as the “Chief Oper” of So who is Larry Mondry?

More Usability Tutorials Posted!

Thanks again to Trenton and his group, several new tutorials have been posted:

Six User Centered Design Approaches

Making Money with CSS

Web page validation…

About 6-7 months ago, I began validating the web pages at work as we made changes to them. We did some heavy work on cleaning up all of the errors and now all pages when they go live are valid. And so, I have started to see the benefit of validation. More browsers are happy :). We have seemed to get a better seo ranking on some of the terms we wanted to move up in. And the coders now find it easier to edit web pages.

So all in all, it has been well worth the few extra minutes spent up-front to make sure the pages are valid.

Now we are working on making compliant with the 4.01 spec. About 35% as of this posting. Most of the issues are not in the template as those are now fixed, but with updating the hundreds of content pages across the site. It is actually fun cleaning up the pages as I have learned many new things about how HTML works.


Welcome to the new HTMLcenter blogs. We are very excited, stay around for more!