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Here is an interesting piece of code I ran accross the other day:


Thanks to Mark!

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HTMLCenter is hiring!

We are growing and are currently recruiting for sales and reviewer positions.

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Weekly Analytics Stats (5/8)

Stats will be taking a vacation this week but will return next week. I have been playing with Google Analytics and learned something new…

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Sometimes life for me is just unmanagable. Too many emails, too many duties. I tend to be over-worked, or maybe not overworked but my time management is just not good.

Fuzzydo (by Holger) to the rescue!


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Weekly Analytics Stats (5/1)

This week we look at Flash… who has it, who doesn’t and what versions they have.

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MySQL launched another community website called MySQL forge.

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Weekly Analytics Stats (4/24)

This week we check out the color depth of our users as reported by Google Analytics.

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Weekly Analytics Stats (4/17)

This week we are showing top 10 screen resolutions.

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Weekly Browser Stats – 4/10

Firefox now at ~40% of traffic to HTMLCenter.com. Place your bets if it surpasses IE in April.

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cross-browser add to favorites

Cross-browser coding is a hassle – we all agree on that. To a certain extend, XHTML has made it already easier to create websites that look the same on different plattforms, but when it comes to complex JavaScript scripting you still need methods to detect the browser.

For example, if you want to add an “add to your favorites”-button to your website, you probably know that those only work in Internet Explorer. Right? But wait, Curtiss reveals how to make the button work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Follow the link to see how it works:

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