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Mark, who’s our local design guru at HTMLCenter, relaunched his website ecard service Maxtango. Maxtango features very well designed designer ecards for those who are not comfortable with the average Bluemountain ecard. Please spread!

Here’s his press release:
Maxtango is a free Ecard service created for the design community to engage, participate and exchange in the fun of sending Ecards. Ecards are Conversations. Communication has become one of the most important and effective entities in digital media, being highly effective and indispensable. Ecards carry a message, emotion or feeling.

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Ajaxload, for all your loading indicator needs.


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ajax voting/rating

Here is an interesting piece of code I ran accross the other day:

Thanks to Mark!

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HTMLCenter is hiring!

We are growing and are currently recruiting for sales and reviewer positions.

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Weekly Analytics Stats (5/8)

Stats will be taking a vacation this week but will return next week. I have been playing with Google Analytics and learned something new…

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Sometimes life for me is just unmanagable. Too many emails, too many duties. I tend to be over-worked, or maybe not overworked but my time management is just not good.

Fuzzydo (by Holger) to the rescue!

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Weekly Analytics Stats (5/1)

This week we look at Flash… who has it, who doesn’t and what versions they have.

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MySQL launched another community website called MySQL forge.

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Weekly Analytics Stats (4/24)

This week we check out the color depth of our users as reported by Google Analytics.

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Weekly Analytics Stats (4/17)

This week we are showing top 10 screen resolutions.

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